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"MY BABIES" I scream at a group of men that are actually older than me

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[RUMOUR 140823] 

There has been recent talk amongst korean and chinese netizens that there will be a new member added into EXO. SM is supposedly planning to get this new trainee to replace Kris’ spot in EXO.

Fans have claimed ‘him’ to be a music genius after showcasing a spectacular performance at the 2013 ‘SM Global Auditions’ in Australia. ‘He’ comes from Melbourne, Australia and is fluent in four languages. 

However, recently one of his demo tracks were leaked by a sasaeng who hacked into SM’s system and the one attached to this post is of ‘him’ rapping to Kris’ part in ‘Two Moons’ and ‘The Star’.

Follow tumblr user jongincest for more information about this exciting new member!

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